I Tried the SELF-HEATING SPICY CHINESE HOT POT! (Heats like an MRE!) Experience self-heating hot pot for the first time!

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The weather has made filming difficult, but life is all about rolling with the punches and so today I decided to finally try something many of you have suggested from time to time in the comments. Instant hotpot.

Self heating hotpot has been around for a few years, but I’ve never tried it before or ever felt the urge to, but hey, why not?

I went to Thai Kee IGA because they have a very large selection of Asian products available making it a one stop shop for this video. I couldn’t find the Haidilao brand, but I did come across a whole aisle of instant self heating food.

And so we’re pivoting again from trying instant hotpot to self heating food items! Normally I always have something to suggest and recommend in my videos…this time was a little different. But I think this a good option if you’re ever going camping or you find yourself needing hot food without cooking. .

What do you think?


  1. Neat idea but…
    All that plastic, so bad for the environment.

    Also this clay pot rice you where talking about, anywhere in Sydney to get this? Sounds delicious 😋

  2. The curry one has a dog and cat as the front photo. Then you open it and looks like the bowls they eat from 🤣🤣 good marketing right there 🔥🐶🐱

  3. Even if the dishes weren't overwhelming, the science of the self heating pot is intriguing. I have to try these! 🙂

  4. These have been around in China for a few years. I always wish they just sold the pots with the heat pad technology and skipped the dried ingredients. I could then do my own thing.

  5. Scary how much plastic is used in each package. Plastic inside plastic inside plastic =o.
    Also scary when you know millions of people will buy this for the trend… Maybe people should stick to buying local produce and investing in a hot pot of their own? This would be perfect for my earthquake kit LOL. Hahah..thanks for sharing with us though!

  6. Do they sell just the heating bag at the Asian store? I can see that being very useful for cooking on the go or outdoors with fresh ingredients if you don’t have the carry space for a stove top or don’t want to light fires to cook.

  7. Was the self-heating hotpots very spicy hot?
    By the end of trying 5 different pots, your upper lip is quite red and swollen.

  8. Hi Janice have you visit one of the Mala place where you pick your own ingredient and the staff cook for you as a dry hot pot?

  9. i eat self-heating hot pot often 😅 i think it is a good option for make-at home hot pot for single person, no hustle all you need deal,i enjoy spicy numbing Sichuan ones with fish most of the time 😋

  10. Hey Janice, Maybe you put to much water into the rice. next time add lesser water when cooking rice.

  11. At the price point, i'd find time to go to a food court or restaurant to get a feed. Interesting novelty value.

  12. I wouldn't recommend buying that bug box of white rabbit milk. It was very sweet and tastes weird so try one before bulk buying!

  13. Great innovation but from your rating seem like it needs a little more tweaking on the flavour and texture side of things 😅…. Maybe something to take when going camping where the taste doesn't matter too much…

  14. Hey, maybe try the popular ones. There is a Chinese supermarket where Chatswood station is (the closest one to steam engine). They sell instant hotspots there too. Pricey but it looks legit.

  15. Interesting and fun video. I would only eat that if I lived in Antarctica by myself and if no fresh vegetables anywhere. 😅

  16. These instant foods are enough to buy an actual takeout meal. They’re definitely more for backup when you are on trips.

    Thanks for trying them and letting us know what they’re like, Janice.

  17. I’ve brought these before when travelling .I learnt the Korean version of self heating hotpots etc are better .Janice you can get them on Pitt street in Korea town just past world square … but honestly nothing beats a proper sit down hotpot haha.

  18. wow…so cool..always wanted to try…but some of these take a long time to cook…lol

  19. i didnt even realise dalring square existed. i knew they knocked down the entertainment centre and put some towers up, but didnt know about all the shops.

  20. You were very brave to try these meals. The CCP are making plastic rice which is probably what you ate

  21. Very convenient, but a lot of trash (recycling?) and expensive. Support local small producers/restaurants; hereEU, the third lockdown…..