How to Order Chinese Food CiCi Li & Ben Hedges

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In this episode CiCi is joined by Ben Hedges, host of Learn Chinese Now, to go over some essential Mandarin Chinese vocabulary for ordering food in Chinese restaurants. Ben and CiCi order Kung Pao Chicken and Mapo Toufu, two classic Chinese dishes from Sichuan province.

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  1. when you only learn simplified characters and the traditional characters come up every where when you try to study Chinese

  2. Does Ben have Yellow-Fever?? He seems a typical guy that is only interested in Asians. He's a transracial (a condition similar to transvestite but instead the individual wants to be a different race from what he was born into)?

  3. This is helpful, but also pretty funny, since Ben Hedges is fluent in Chinese. ("How do I say it?")  🙂

  4. her way of speaking chinese is so flawed by her teeth and tongue. I think that foreigner speaks both English and Chinese better than her.她舌头太大了,换个节目做吧