How to Make Perfect Hot Pot Every Time

Ever try All You Can Eat Hot Pot? Now you can make it at home and enjoy easily. Chef Bao shows you step by step tips on making delicious hot pot (火锅).

Hot Pot is usually served to celebrate Chinese New Year, but is also a common enjoyable wintertime meal.

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Twin-side Hot Pot Recipe
# Ingredients
*Chicken Stock
Chicken broth (See following)
1/3 cup Mushrooms
1/3 cup Sliced Tomato
1 tsp Barbary Wolfberry Fruit
1/8 cup Red dates
1/5 cup Sliced Ginger
1/5 cup Sliced Scallion
Pinch of Salt

*Spicy Stock
Spicy soup base (See following)
Pinch of Salt
1/6 cup Sliced Ginger
1/5 cup Sliced Scallion
Chicken broth (See following)
1/3 cup Dried chili peppers

*Chicken broth
Whole Chicken
A bunch of Scallion
1/3 Sliced Ginger
8 cups Water

*Spicy soup base
¼ cup Star anise
1/6 cup Bay leaves
1/3 cup Cinnamon stick
1/3 cup Black cardamom
1/8 cup Clove
¼ cup Fennel
1/3 cup Fructus amomi
¼ cup Cumin
¼ cup Sichuan peppercorn
2 tbsp Cooking wine
1/2 cup Black bean sauce
2 cups Dried chili peppers
1/3 cup minced Ginger
1/3 cup minced Garlic
1/3 cup Scallion
1 cup Pixian county bean paste
¼ cup Lump sugar
1/3 cup Sichuan green pepper
½ cup Fermented rice

*Spicy beef
Top graded beef
1 tsp Salt
½ tbsp White pepper powder
½ tbsp Sichuan peppercorn
1 Egg
¼ cup Cornstarch
1 cup Chili Flakes

*Minced Shrimp
Cooking wine
½ cup Water
½ tbsp Salt
1 tsp White pepper powder
¼ cup Egg white
1/3 cup Cornstarch

*Egg dumpling
1 tsp Salt
1/8 cup Minced Ginger
1/8 cup Minced Scallion
1 tsp White pepper powder
3 Eggs
1 tbsp Soy sauce
1/3 cup Water
1 tbsp Corn starch + Water
1 tbsp Olive oil

1 Sea bass (Sliced)

*Dipping sauce
½ tbsp Minced Garlic
½ tbsp Minced Scallion
1 tbsp Hoisin sauce (Seafood flavor)
½ tbsp Cooked white sesame
1 tbsp Sesame oil
½ tbsp Worcester sauce 
# Directions

1. In a large pot with boiling water, place in whole chicken, chopped scallion and sliced ginger. Heat up to boil, then turn to low heat and simmer for 2 hours.

2. In a twin-side hot pot, add mushrooms, sliced tomato, Barbary wolfberry fruit, red dates, sliced ginger, chopped scallion and season with salt in one side. Pour in the homemade chicken broth as chicken stock. In the other side, add spicy soup base, dried chili peppers, sliced ginger, copped scallion and season with salt. Also pour in the same chicken broth as spicy stock.

3. Add the meat, some veggies and other hot pot ingredients into the pot. Enjoy!

*How to make Spicy soup base

1. Prepare the spices: Star anise, Bay leaves, Cinnamon stick, Black cardamom, Clove, Fennel, Fructus amomi, Cumin. Put all the spices into a blender, making the spices mixture. Transfer to a small bowl, set aside.
2. Meanwhile, put dried chili pepper in boiling water. Boil for 2 minutes. Drained the chili peppers and crush it.
3. In a large pan, turn to high heat, add rapeseed oil, minced ginger, minced garlic, minced scallion and crushed chili peppers. Stir-fry for 5 minutes. Add Pixian county bean paste, black bean sauce, lump sugar and Sichuan green pepper. Stir-fry until sauté. Add spice blend, then turn down to low heat, keep fry the sauce until become tender and creamy. Add fermented rice as final step, fry for 3 minutes.

*How to make Spicy beef

1. In a large bowl, put in sliced beef, seasoning with salt, white pepper powder and Sichuan peppercorn. Whisk in an egg and flour, mix well.
2. Coat each sliced beef with crushed chili peppers.

*How to make Minced shrimp

1. Mash the peeled shrimps. Transfer to a bowl, whisk in cooking wine, water, egg white and flour. Seasoning with salt and white pepper powder.
2. Transfer the mixed shrimps to a plate, refrigerate for 2 hours.

*How to make Egg dumpling

1. In a large bowl, put in ground meat, whisk in minced ginger, minced scallion, soy sauce and water. Seasoning with salt and white pepper powder. Set aside.
2. In another bowl, whisk in 3 eggs, water, corn starch and olive oil. Mix well. Set aside.
3. Heat up a large ladle, spread on oil, add egg mixture until it turns firm. Filling some meat inside. Fold the egg as an egg dumpling.

*How to make Dipping sauce

In a small dish, whisk in minced garlic, minced scallion, cooked white sesame,
Hoisin sauce (Seafood flavor), sesame oil and Worcester sauce. Mix well.


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  1. to all of those who complain about the fact to buy thousands of ingredients…go and get a job..this is real chinese cuisine, and most of the ingredients you can use many times, don't need a whole package of sechuan peppers or fennel seeds. Wanna eat good and tasty? Than you have to pay the price!

  2. I like the video, nice camera work and all, but for God's sake… can you give us the real names of the ingredients so we know what to look for? Fermented rice — I'm assuming coji? The description says "Now you can make it at home," yeah my ass, only if people already know what all of this is. This is not instructional. Fix it. *Edit* ok I wrote that first part like 2 minutes in, ok after all this culinary fire juggling, you put sliced beefsteak tomatoes in there? Where in God's name does that fit into ANY asian cuisine?

  3. If I’m making this then I would start a week early. I would only make it for a dinner party where people are only served this. It’s freakin’ 6 dishes in 1.

  4. All these spices r already in my kitchen… hehe ? i was watching a drama where male lead cook spicy hot pot for female lead so i wonder what it will be like… so i searched n find this video..
    Except shrimps i have all ingredients ?
    From Pakistan??????

  5. The ingredients of hot pot are not so troublesome. Hot pot is a creative combination. There are countless combinations in China. The combination of materials depends on your own taste. The combination in the video is only more in line with the taste of Sichuan Province, China