How To Make Dumplings: Make Dumplings Chinese Style!

Hey everyone. A couple of us at have just been on a trip around China. Check out a lady we stayed with showing us how to make dumplings the Chinese way. We made everything from scratch, from the dough to the mixture and ended up with a great variety of pork dumplings, chicken dumplings and even some vegetarian dumplings, which aren’t actually too common in China.

She pats the mixture down with a spoon, leaving the edges completely free of any mixture. Then, with her thumbs she takes the edges together and squeezes them, while carefully making sure that there is no air left inside the dumplings at all. Any air will result in the dumpling bursting if you boil it, which is how we ate most of ours. Squeezing the air out is good practice, even if you’re making fried dumplings or steaming them as it will lead to a more consistent cook across all of the dumplings. It all in the thumbs. The hard part is getting a good amount of mixture and being able to have enough of the dough to squeeze together to properly seal the dumpling edges. As you squeeze, push the dough out a little to create a larger edge if you find yourself running out of room.

The dumplings we made here can be steamed, fried, boiled, or put into a soup. Check out all of our great and growing collection of recipes at .

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