How to make dumpling wrappers!You can make very beautiful jade dumplings at home

I put the text version of the recipe below: Ingredients: 600g low-gluten flour, 20g spinach, 200g green onions, 400g pork belly, appropriate amount of minced ginger, 25g light soy sauce, 15g sesame oil, 25g cooking wine, 25g soy sauce, oyster sauce 15 grams, two scoops of salt, and appropriate amount of water. Method: 1. Beat spinach into juice with a wall breaker, pour it into a bowl and set aside. 2. Pour 300 grams of flour and appropriate amount of water into the kneading machine, select the kneading function, stir it into a white dough and take it out. Re-pour in 300 grams of flour and appropriate amount of spinach juice and stir to form a green dough. 3. Use a meat grinder to mince pork belly and green onions, and add seasonings to make dumpling fillings. 4. Roll the green dough into a beef tongue shape, roll the white dough into a long strip, wrap the white strip with the rolled green dough, and rub the edges tightly. After kneading, cut into small pieces of uniform size, squash the small pieces, and the white part is in the middle. Roll the small doses into even-sized dumpling wrappers. 5. Start wrapping the meat, pinch the edges of the dumplings tightly, and then squeeze them into the middle to form a cabbage shape. Steam them in an electric steamer for 25 minutes. The tools in the video are here:

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