How to make Chinese Steamed Dumplings

Check the full recipe at for tips on how to cook chinese dumplings, to ensure the meat is moist every single time, how to fold chinese dumplings, to make the filling ahead, to freeze dumplings and more!

This recipe gives you instructions to make classic Chinese Pork and Cabbage dumplings from scratch that are tender and juicy!

Don’t eat pork? Substitute with any meat of your choice (eg. lamb, chicken, beef, etc.) – You don’t want to miss out! 🙂

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00:00 Intro
00:15 Chop Vegetables
01:03 Make ground meat mixture
01:48 Drain Napa cabbage
01: 59 Make Chinese dumpling filling
02:10 How to fold Chinese dumplings
03:28 How to cook Chinese dumplings

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  1. That looks so good and yummy… thanks so much for sharing this mouthwatering recipe. More power to your amazing YTC!!!

  2. Love steamed food 👌 thanks for reaching out and connecting just subbed to your cooking production as well 😎 keep on posting 😎 and see you around 😘