How to Make Chinese Dumplings Properly

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There are two regional varieties shaomai a version Cantonese and a version of the region Jiangnan. Prepared in Cantonese cuisine, the shaomai also known as ” dumpling pork and mushrooms. ” Its filling is a combination of ingredients, consisting primarily of seasoned minced pork, chopped and whole shrimp, and shiitake into small pieces. The outer cover is made ​​of a thin sheet of dough. The center is usually adorned with an orange dot, made ​​of roe or carrot chopped, although a green pea dot. Presentations vary from restaurant to restaurant decor.

The Shaomai prepared in the Jiangnan region are very different, the package is bigger and tougher than the Cantonese version. The filling is similar to zongzi with soy sauce, rice wine or pieces of marinated pork with sugar and glutinous rice steamed with some lard. It is larger in size than the Cantonese version. However, most people in Western countries associate shaomai only with the Cantonese version due to the Cantonese diaspora. Recently, Jiangnan version is starting to appear in areas with high density of new immigrants from mainland China, such as the Bay Area of San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

In the dim sum tradition of southern China, shaomai is one of the most common dishes. In general, served alongside har gau, another variety of steamed dumpling. In food stalls in Indonesia, shaomai are eaten along with steamed vegetables and tofu, and served with peanut sauce spicy.

The jiaozi typical Chinese should not be confused with wonton, which has a thicker dough, made ​​from different ingredients, and a spherical shape, and is usually served in broth. The dish, which is among the most typical of the current Japanese cuisine, would have been brought to Japan by the soldiers who had fought during World War II (and which were responsible for the spread of many typical dishes of the cuisine of northern China ), adapting them to the circumstances of the country, completely gutted the postwar era, in that the flour was easier to obtain than the rice and virtually any product could be used as a filling. Amid food shortages and widespread devastation, many found in the preparation and sale of guioza a livelihood.

A dumpling is a term that applies to several food compounds of fruits, vegetables, cereals, meat or fish, presented in the form of a ball. It can be sweet or salty and surrounded or not of dough or sheet. The Chinese food is packed with different pellets. They are mainly eaten at breakfast, the dim sum. The Japanese cuisine includes dumplings matcha, that is to say green tea. The takoyaki and dango are another type of pellets.

Zong is a traditional food of Chinese cuisine, which consists of glutinous rice dough is filled with different kinds of fillings and then wrapped in leaves of bamboo or reeds. The resulting dish is steamed or boiled. In other parts of the ‘ East Asia this dish takes on other names in Japan becomes Chimaki, in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia nom Asom, in the Philippines machang, in Indonesia bakcang or bacang. The same word bakcang comes dall’hokkien, a Chinese dialect spoken by the Chinese-Indonesians. In the Western world, however, the zongzi are known as rice rolls or tamales Chinese.

The zongzi are traditionally eaten during the Dragon Boat festival. The dumplings are “pieces of dough, sometimes filled, that is cooked in a liquid such as water or soup “or” sweet dough wrapped over fruit, such as an apple, which is baked and served as dessert. ” is made with flour, potato, bread or matzah and may include meat, fish or sweet, in admixture with filler such as mass, and can be sweet or spicy. Taken alone, in soup or stew with gravy or other forms. While some seem solid masses recipe cooked in water, such as gnocchi, others seem meatballs with a thin dough crust, such as wontons.

The wonton, one wonton, wonton or Won ton is a mass of very fine and fills (usually minced meat of pork ) very common in Chinese cuisine. It is consumed cooked in soups or fried. Each wonton is made ​​from a mass of 10×10 inches, made ​​with flour from wheat, water and salt. This dough is stuffed with mince pork, shrimp, ginger, onions chopped, sesame oil and soy sauce. You can tell which are equivalent to the tortellini or ravioli in Italian cuisine.

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