How to Make A Blackberry Cobbler with Dumplings, Southern Cooking

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Tammy Nichols is on a mission to teach YOU how to cook just like mama did! She enjoys being in the kitchen bringing you everyday dishes that her mama, granny and maw maw made. No fancy ingredients, just good old country girl cooking. Tammy grew up in Polk County (NW) Georgia in an area called Collard Valley. She now lives in Saint Marys, GA. with her husband who is retired from the GA. School System and has girls in college at Georgia Southern in Savannah, Georgia.

Blackberry Cobbler

Bring berries, sugar, water and butter to a boil and simmer 10 minutes, (don’t add cream yet) and keep on simmer. Add salt.

Topping: See Biscuit Mix Recipe on pg. 44. Prepare 2 cups of Biscuit Mix. Use sweet milk to make a dough. (regular milk).

Use half to make dumplings and roll out the other half for topping. Dumpling dough will have to be kneaded more and is ready when you pick it up and it does not tear apart. Topping can be rolled less and will be softer and puffier than the dumpling dough. Turn up heat on berries until boiling. Drop dumplings in boiling blackberry juice. Put lid on pot and simmer on low heat for 5 minutes. Now add milk w/starch and Mix well.

Pour filling into Pyrex dish sprayed with cooking spray. Top with remaining rolled dough.

Sprinkle with sugar (1/8 cup). Cut pats of butter and place on top. Bake at 400 for 25 minutes.

“This is my favorite Cobbler…Tammy” .

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  1. Good Day Tammy, could I use frozen mixed berry's from Walmart? Have a blessed day.

  2. I am interested in buying your cook books. How do I go about doing that? I just love your recipes and you..
    I just saw your website flash on the screen. Lol!! Yay!

  3. Donna Wells , sorry to hear Chris had a reaction to the shot. I pray he is better today. Saw this looking for your icing that cake. You look nice always, Tammy

  4. This brings back so many memories of my Mamaw's blackberry dumplins!❤ I can't wait to try it. Thank you for these cherished memories you brought back to me.

  5. Oh my Tammy, this is my favorite desert ever! I've never made one nor have I ever eaten one with dumplings. I'm gonna try to make one, soon. Do you ever put a bottom crust on these or would that be just too much crust because of the dumplings? I love the crust so I know I'll flip over the dumplings. I've gotta look and see if you've made a video with the sweet potato casserole with dumplings. If you haven't already, would you please add it to your request list? I've never eaten a sweet potato casserole with or without dumplings but I love candied yams so I'll probably like that too. Thanks again for posting this! 😘

  6. Yummy this blackberry cobbler looks scrumptious!!! Thank you for sharing your recipe with us Miss Tammy! Love you!

  7. When we visited my grandmother in Tennessee during the summer we would pick fresh blackberries and she'd make the most delicious blackberry cobbler and always with home-made vanilla ice cream with the old timey ice cream makers you had crank the handel manually.. all us kids would take turn… Blackberry cobbler always brings back great memories.

  8. My goodness! Who will care if its a little curdled with the dumplings in their to help thicken it up.. It looks wonderful!

  9. Oh my goodness that looks delicious!🤤 I've never made cobbler before, but being a fan of berries, especially blackberries, I just might attempt to make this!Edit: Tammy, your my "momma from another granmaw", lol j/k. You're too young to be a granny. Much love from Southern, Cali lol!

  10. Hello my dear. You are a amazing Tammy ❤️ everything you make looks absolutely delicious 🥰😋

  11. My grandma added evaporated milk after she served it. It was so sweet and delicious.

  12. 3 of my favorite things all in one! Cobbler, blackberries and dumplings! I am making this very soon, maybe today!

  13. Tammy it looks delicious!! You brought back wonderful memories of wild blackberry patches next to our home. My brother's and I would pick the berries and bring them to mom. She would bake us a cobbler similar to yours. Mom cooked with simple ingredients and lots of love. Thanks for the memories!

  14. Can't wait to make this! The first video I watched of yours was chicken and dumplings (because I had not a clue how to make the dumplings part) and I was hooked. Love the end with a special thanks to Chris. You both do an awesome job. Always be thankful 🙏. I'm thankful for all your delicious recipes and kitchen gadgets I never knew existed. Stay safe and healthy.