How to Cook Steamed Momos – Chinese-Style Potsticker & Lions Head Dumplings – Dim Sum Recipe

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Listings of equipment, tools and ingredients used in the Lazy Cook kitchen and in the making of my videos.
In this video I demonstrate how to prepare and steam two types of momos or Chinese-style steamed dumplings, potsticker dumplings and lions head meatballs, a popular choice of dim sum.

I also demonstrate how to make steamed dumpling dough and how to steam dumplings with and without a steamer.

Please note: I made too much dough for this amount of dumplings, where less than half this amount would have been plenty.

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  1. Man nothing like making these from scratch… you do fantastic ???????? best looking I've seen?????

  2. I had something really similar a couple days ago in an all you can eat place. Steamed dumplings are brilliant, and actually look quite easy to make. That's another dish you've brought within reach. 🙂

  3. Good morning…New Friend & Supporter
    Very Nice preparation ?looks Yummy? Great recipe ?
    ?Good Presentation?Happy Cooking?TFS

  4. Delicious prepared steamed momos ? I like to eat Chinese dumplings, but never make them myself. Very nice to see how you do that ?

  5. Wow, this looks amazing, I love the presentation. Thanks for the recipe Pete. Have a good week.

  6. OH Man I love this recipe! Looks amazing! Here from the Fish Sandwich live stream and I hit the magic red button to support your channel! Cheers from a couple goofballs in Alaska!

  7. Pete, I love to see you working with pastry more, it looks a bit faffy but well worth the effort, great job! Aspen wants to give making them a go, we will use beef but as you mention a veg filling would work great too. I am sure a variation would be to deep fry them.

  8. Great stuff! Congrats on the new cook surface. That's so shiny! We can't have gas stoves in my part of town (no gas lines), so we have an electric stove, and I've wanted to switch to radiant heat for a while now.