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Today I will teach you how to cook Cumin Fried Noodles with Beef. Chinese fried noodles are very famous and almost all Chinese have eaten them. Each region has different characteristics of fried noodles, and the noodles in each region are also different, some have different shapes, and some have different ingredients. Today I will share my favorite fried noodles with you, I hope you like it. Then come and see with me now.


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Hi everyone, My name is Anna and welcome to my Beaudifood channel. I am a girl from China. I like to travel, but the most important thing is to go to that place to eat. I not only like to eat, but I also prefer to cook. So today, I am going to share the food I have made with you through this blog. The name of this channel is Beaudifood. It is the homonym of the word “beautiful”, which means that food makes the world more beautiful.

Pink salt:
light and dark soy sauce:
Cumin: .

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