How To Cook Chinese Dumplings

This guide shows you How To Cook Chinese Dumplings
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Are you brave enough to try this mac and cheese pizza? .

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  1. Hi Jeremy. Just cooked 16 of the little chaps, using chicken plus the usual vegetables. They look and taste great. Of course, I tried the Mickey Mouse ears thing, and it sort of worked. I am sure that if you saw them, you would punch me in the face, but they do look a lot like yours, even curved. Thanks for giving me the confidence to to try them out. I am over the moon ! Love to do one of your courses when I am in the UK. Regards from sunny Spain. Stewart

  2. I love the Mickey mouse ears method…the best explanation for a simpleton like myself. Can't wait to try it out!

  3. This is one of my favourite recipes ever!! i made these dumplings soo often and my family and friends love it!!. thank you so much for the dumpling recipe done from scratch, I dont usually like buying the ready made dumplings!

  4. Such a great video! Can't wait to try these out this week. I love that you look Chinese but speak with a British accent. 🙂 It's cute and dare I say sexy, haha!

  5. Look out Ming Tsai & Martin Yan.  There's a new guy on the block & he's good.  He did leave out the part about listening for the dumplings to start making a popping sound to know when they are done.  All the senses can be engaged w/ Oriental cooking.

  6. I'm quitting graduate school and heading to London so I can learn on how to speak with a heavy British Accent…LOL

  7. I don't really care about his cooking skill… thinking from Asian American point of view, he has the cutest British Accent…LOVE IT!

  8. having spent years in Guangzhou, eaten in many restaurants from street-side to 5 star, I can tell you with certainty that there are as many special ways to make these dumplings as there are chefs and home cooks (lots of grandpas). This is a good basic and simple way. It's true most home cooks don't roll and cut, but the top restaurants do.