How to Confuse a Chinese Restaurant – Comedy Night

How to Confuse a Chinese Restaurant – Comedy Night

Thanks guys for the support on the last video. It’s good to be back after that long week and mess from the hurricane. I’m still having a bit of a hard time getting back into the cycle with school and work so for sure I’ll at least upload every other day. If you haven’t already, join the discord and follow me on twitter or facebook. Other than that, thank you guys.



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  1. The dude who recommended to say “some young guy” in a asian accent sounds like the dude from Ownage Pranks.

  2. Please help my steam is giving error when I try to play comedy night it says make sure you are connected to the internet or steam or restart steam and I do all those things and it won't let me play HELP

  3. I really hope you continue the good work man! If I may make a suggestion to you, for getting more you need to broaden yuer games like play some cs or other games where other people are the key of attention.