How It’s Made: Chinese Sausage and Pancake Stir fry by Masterchef

Masterchef John Zhang shows you tips on how to make Chinese sausage and pancake at home with step by step instruction.

Chinese sausage – 臘腸 lap cheong (Cantonese) làcháng (Mandarin) is a cured sausage normally dried in air or smoked over slow burning fire. The sausage is used as an ingredient in many dishes in some parts of southern China.

1. Like other traditionally made dry sausages, for example Spanish chorizo or Italian salami, Chinese sausages must be dried until they lose about 35% moisture.

2. Chinese sausages can be only air dried in fall or winter when the temperature is under 10~12°C or 50~53°F degree. After drying, you need to transfer them to freezer for longer keeping.

Chinese pancake is one of the famous and traditional Chinese street foods and ideal Chinese breakfast. Many Chinese restaurants in the world serves this lovely pancake. However, making some at home is a nice experience.

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  1. 健康美味。只是担心这饼会硬,咬的腮帮子疼。如何做到松软可口的饼?吃过一次不好的羊肉泡馍,从此有心理阴影。

  2. Interesting to watch. Never knew what made Chinese sausages different from others.

    One thing I'm curious about is why there seem to be no Chinese sausage recipes that simmer and grill them like European ones. Did the Chinese think drying them just made them taste better? Was the reason more related to preserving food?

  3. hola. por favor, pongan los ingredientes y demas con subtitulos en espanol; millones d personas hablamos ese idioma, si no me equivoco, y corrijanme si estoy mal, es el segundo en el mundo

  4. Tried making the sausage here – WAY TOO SALTY! I felt like getting kidney stones after TWO BITES!

  5. Hello, how beautiful it is. I would like to know how to conserve sausage'red color please. Thank you in advanced.

  6. is it really ok to just leave the sausage outside like that? will it no attract flyer or other insect?

  7. This is simple recipe. Yay!
    But why does it looks more than 1TBSP wine? That looks a lot.

    But then it must be air dry in 50-53°F. 😞 😭

  8. Great! Now I have to plant trees and grow my own sausages. These cooking video ingredients is getting ridiculous

  9. Always u cook deep fried recipies.. which r not at all healthy .. it's coz of ur unhealthy foods corona came to this world 😈😈

  10. Dear Great Master Chef John, because I take Warfarin medicine, I can't use soy products ( tofu, sauce etc ), can you tell me about any alternatives please ?

  11. Very nice but wheres the beef? or shrimp? or pork or chicken?
    I want dinner, not fried dough with veg.