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Hot and sour soup was originated in Sichuan over 1000 years ago. Nowadays, it has becomes so popular that you can even find it throughout Chinese restaurants in the US. Today we are going to make hot and sour soup. It’s a perfect soup for any seasons. And if you ever feel like you have no appetite and don’t want to eat anything. Hot and sour soup will be sure to bring your appetite back. No wonder it’s so popular!

Chicken Hot and Sour Soup Video:

Pork Hot and Sour Soup Written Recipe:


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  1. You seem so talented and explaining the nutritionist part of your cooking as well as the palatable part of it, and thanks for the notice you posted regarding the audio.

  2. Yup I’m pregnant and just like you I’m craving this. Just wishing I don’t have to make it myself ?

  3. Sound went out at 7:17 for one minute and then again a couple of times. Can you fix? Enjoyed your presentation, especially advice about the wood ear fungus soaking time.

  4. Wow! I just made this soup. I might use a wee bit less white pepper next time, but the flavor is soooo good! The whole family loved it. Thank you so much for another great recipe!!

  5. dear cici li , my soup so cloudy and yours so nice and clear . can you help? thank you and eat slow, it so HOT. thanks .

  6. Great video love the recipe!! But the sound went out after the mushrooms couldn't hear what was said.

  7. I don’t think soaking wood ear mushroom would develop harmful bacteria. Even if it does, it’ll all be killed by the heat of the boiling soup

  8. Did you know about 50% of your video has no sound…it just goes silent, then comes back on a few seconds when you add eggs, then off again. But when advertisements come on, they have volume, even though you were silent. I think you have a nice recipe, & good video, it’s just not all audible. I hope you can fix it, thank you!