Hong Kong Style Claypot Rice with Pork Belly by Chinese Masterchef

Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on cooking Hong Kong style claypot rice with step by step instruction.

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Clay pot rice (煲仔飯, bao zai fan) originated from Cantonese cuisine, but is now popular throughout China and Southeast Asia.

Cooking with clay pot can intensify the flavor of your food. It’s an ancient method of cooking which uses a two-part (top and bottom) clay pot. When heated to a high temperature, steam is created, adding moisture to whatever is being cooked and retaining nutrients.

Clay pots also add a host of important nutrients to food, including magnesium, sulfur, iron, phosphorous and calcium. The slow cooking process allows the food inside the clay pot to retain all of its nutrients.

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  1. All of the cooking from this master chefs is to time consuming….
    I like Gordon Ramsey cooking it's fast

  2. Can u make a fast cooking using pork belly….
    To make it for 5-6 hour is tiring….
    U can experimenting but ppl belly can't wait u Know…?