Homemade mandu (Korean dumplings) 3 ways! dumpling

Families from many cultures around the world make and enjoy dumplings, and this recipe is Korea’s version. Full recipe:

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  1. Hi everybody, Yay, Mandu Time!!! : ) Thanks for watching the video and leaving nice comments! I finished Korean caption now, so English and Korean captions are available. 영어, 한국어자막 올렸어요! Make mandu for your loved ones and enjoy your happy life! Check out the written recipe, too. Love you, all!

  2. Я из России, но однажды побывала в Сеуле и влюбилась навсегда и в страну, и в кухню. Спасибо за отличные рецепты, я часто готовлю по ним?

  3. Yummy 만두 it's been a while since I made this! Good tip about freezing batches ?

  4. Watching this makes me hungry, and makes me want to get up and get into the kitchen to cook. I'm recovering from surgery, but now as soon as I have some energy (which shouldn't be long, because I can cook up some healthy, tummy-safe porridge any time I like thanks to Maangchi) I'm going to go through my garden and our local market, and make as many dumplings as my freezer can fit.

  5. In India dumplings are also called momos and I love these. Especially with mushrooms or spinach and tofu. Loved your recipe and the idea of freezing ahead, making it easy to make at any time. Thanks!

  6. I'm so excited to start learning to cook right? I think I'm going to try the kimchi recipe!

  7. Thank you so much for the recipe! We just switched out the pork for soy crumbles to make them vegan and they're DELICIOUS!! ? We love your channel and recipes! Also hello from Portland!

  8. Ive made ur first version. My daughtet loved it.. I bought smaller version and vegetarian..
    She never liked them so much
    She asked i make again
    I loved this so will definately try this recipe with mushrooms and tofu.. And chicken

  9. Hey maangchi!!l have a request can you make kimchi with ice cabbage because there are many people's who don't have napa cabbage available in there area

  10. Korean language I can't understand any thing so many sammeetha in it as a malayali I love you saying in english

  11. I visited a korean restaurant a month ago, and I tried steamed mandu!! it was very delicious.

  12. Se ven deliciosos! Adoro los dumplings pero no soy bueno haciendo la masa. Algún día intentaré hacer su receta ? ¿Se puede omitir el huevo para la sopa?

  13. The more I watch you making such delicious looking dishes, the more I want to experience Korea and everything there is to take in.