Homemade Chinese Pork Dumplings Recipe

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Chinatown and Homemade Chinese Pork Dumplings Recipe – The Working Class Foodies visit Chinatown in Queens, NY with The Amateur Gourmet, then make dumplings.

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  1. my boss is chinnesse and he said that gyozas are japanesse… anyway his wife do them almost the same way, she steam them… but fill them with a chinesse veggie that looks like ciboulette but has similar taste to spinach… they are awesome 🙂  

  2. I made a steamed pork dumpling but i wanna try boiled and fried. I love a sweet soy sauce and a chilli and viniger sause

  3. I like pan frying my dumplings and making them into more of a pot sticker <3 slightly crispy and savory goodness

  4. To make the dipping sauce even better and more authentic, try adding some sesame oil. From Taiwan, where I was born, that's the sauce you use with your traditional pork dumplings! Soy sauce/sesame oil/rice vinegar ratio is about 2:1:1. So good! You should try it!

  5. i make my dipping sauce with soysauce, a little bit of white vinegar, a bit of sesame oil, finely chopped onion and scalions. It tastes better the next day and it's also so good with simple steamed tofu. Try it! easy and simple 🙂

  6. @strictlypudding yes those are truly asian flavours but also asian are others – including soy, which is a staple flavour base around the REST of asia. saysing 'asian' means an entire continent… and a huge one at that. thus each small area has their own unique identifying flavours of food. i'm asian as well and find it highly ignorant to say that one set of flavours would be 'better' than another when this is down to taste and region of origin.

  7. hi, i think it would be better you use
    1. Chinese black vinegar
    2. slice preserve ginger( vinegar brine)
    3. add abit of sugar ( to counter the overpowering acidic if any)
    4. add a dash of white sesame oil
    5. add a dash of chilli for kick if wanted.

    truly Asian flavors

    PS, not all Asian dish required soya sauce