Healthy Asian Vegetarian Dumplings [Nyonya Cooking]

Dumplings are one of the must-have healthy and vegan dishes during Chinese New Year and in this video, Joanna Soh and I are preparing just that.

Every Chinese New Year (CNY), which lasts for 15 days, we will be feasting all the way up till the very last day. Be it cookies, [sweets and snacks](/categories/desserts), [drinks](/categories/drinks) or those [sinfully delicious dishes](/categories/rice-and-noodles), nothing would be spared. That is how most people usually gain weight during this time unless one has a will of iron to resist the goodies.

If you want to have a healthy CNY spread instead, try preparing these vegetable dumplings as one of the many dishes served. It is really not that difficult. Also, you can eat to your heart’s content without feeling guilty. As dumpling signifies prosperity because of its shape being similar to a gold ingot (sycee), this dish is perfect for family reunion or simply have it when you feel like taking a break from meat.

The filling of the dumpling can even be eaten just as it is, without being wrapped. Light and yummy! Definitely a no fuss dish to have, not only during CNY but any day of the year too.

Tip: For a vegetarian option, substitute oyster sauce with vegetarian mushroom sauce.

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  1. Don't think there's oyster in the "oyster sauce" . It is named so. This is one of the unethical business practise by Chinese? 😩 However, it is not confirmed by the company. They usually keep it as "trade secret".

  2. Remind me of a Chinese new year I celebrated in Paris. There was 30+ people making dumplings everywhere in the apartment. Most of us never did them before, it was a good way of meeting new peoples, very convivial and delicious.

  3. Great demonstration BUT we don't "need protein". All the protein we need is contained in raw fruit and vegetables. Mother's milk has less than 1 percent protein in it. The myth that we "need" it is PROPAGANDA probably created by the meat and dairy industry.

  4. That's an interesting recipe by using french beans I've never come across anyone that uses french beans as dumplings fillings, should've added in some vegan oysters sauce.

  5. pls post how to make szwchuan sauce qnd black pepper sauce thank you god bless

  6. OMG you had the same results with making dumplings …THOSE PLEATS AGAIN..LOL …Thanks for sharing

  7. I enjoyed the video very much and the pretty girls also made it more interesting but those dimples when you smile made it so pleasant to keep my eyes on the show..yes thanks for posting the video..Your awsome…

  8. Great video, my dumplings are cooking right now, thank goodness I watched your video because I nearly forgot the oyster sauce!