Harbin Furen Beijing Dumplings, with sweet corn filling and savory mackerel filling, combined with the sour and spicy dipping sauce, are extremely delicious and must not be missed![Food chubby takes you to the waves]

Walk all over the streets and alleys, take you to eat, drink and have fun~ Hello everyone, I’m a gourmet chubby! This is enough to watch the documentary about food stores in China. I hope you can like, comment, and forward more, and take you all over China. 👉, thank you very much for your support! !! #飛小飗聲行#Beijing Dumplings# Dumpling# Food Exploring Shop Harbin Furen Beijing Dumplings, sweet corn stuffing, delicious mackerel stuffing, fusion The sour and spicy dipping sauce is extremely delicious and must not be missed! 【Food chubby takes you to the waves】 .

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