Haidilao (Haidilao) Hot Pot Shabu Malao, a famous hot pot from China

✅ Shop information ? ?Please subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss new clips ? Hello, it’s nice to see you all again. How is everyone? How are you? Please take care of your health. Today we, the Aroy team, cry and want to take everyone to eat Shabu. But the shop that we brought everyone here today is Shabu Mala. A famous person who originated from Sichuan City, China that many people probably know well. with a shop called Haidilao. The branch we visited today is located at Central Festival Chiang Mai, Super Highway Road. Chiang Mai – Lampang, Fa Ham Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District The shop is located on the 4th floor. The atmosphere in the shop is very good. Hai Di Lao is considered a hot pot restaurant. the largest in the world So I can say that. Because he is famous all over the world. whether it is in Hong Kong, the United States, Japan, and in Thailand. that is because the shop is clean The ingredients in the shop are well-selected and of good quality. And the unique identity of this shop Is the very good service of the staff. that if anyone comes to eat here They will also provide free manicure services. and a free massage chair Let me tell you, besides being delicious, it also makes me feel relaxed. Ordering food here is A La Carte style, which is very convenient. Just press the menu you want to add to cart. then press order Just like this, the menu that we ordered will arrive in the kitchen very easily. I really like Shabu Mala here. There are 4 soups for us to choose from. Today we choose Three Sabai Soup, Mushroom Soup, Mala Soup with Chili Paste And empty soup. All of this for 290 baht. Khao soup is very delicious. Especially Mala soup with chili paste. It’s so spicy that the tongue is numb. I want to say that it’s delicious and I cried a lot. Next is the sauce. At the shop, let us cook it ourselves. according to the formula he said. There is a wide selection of ingredients used for making the dipping sauce, such as fresh chilli, mala chili, ground nuts, mushroom sauce, fresh garlic, lime, and many more. There are also desserts, fresh fruits and snacks available at the dipping sauce bar for only 45 baht per person. Khao dipping sauce is very delicious. Fruits and various snacks are also very delicious, especially the Vermicelli Salad which tastes sour and spicy, I like it very much. Yes, and we ordered Pork Belly Sliced, priced at 138 baht. I would like to say that fresh pork is thinly sliced. Dip it into the mala soup, it’s very delicious. Spicy and very well matched, shrimp meatballs 220 baht, mixed vegetable set 120 baht, beef tongue 260 baht, red snapper, very fresh meat, 180 baht, and fresh shiitake mushrooms 90 baht. Loved everything. So delicious. Today we ordered. Soft noodles with kung fu. Price is 55 baht. You can see them making fresh noodles to the table. It’s amazing. Shabu mala hot pot at Hai Di Lao today, we are very impressed with the service of the staff here. Until our boss is the owner of a delicious ramen shop crying. I would like to apply the method of service of this shop staff to the service at the shop. Our delicious ramen cried too. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a delicious Shabu Mala hot pot restaurant. eat with family We recommend this restaurant, Haidilao. I guarantee that everyone who comes here will be able to eat shabu hot pot. Delicious, you will be impressed with the good service of the staff like us for sure. Shop address: 4th floor, Central Festival. super highway Chiang Mai – Lampang, Fa Ham Subdistrict, Mueang Chiang Mai District, postal code 50000 Shop location ? Opening-closing time :11.00 AM to 03.00 (open everyday) Contact ?052- 005-893 ,052-005-894, 0:00 Channel Example 0:36 Featured Haidilao Hot Pot Central Festival Chiang Mai Branch 1:51 Introducing the menu Haidilao (Haidilao) Hot Pot, Central Festival Chiang Mai Branch 2:22 The menu we ordered. 6:21 Thank you for watching our channel. Subscribe to the channel ? Subscribe to English Channel ? Follow the Chinese channel ? Contact channel ? ? Shop location ? Hello, we are delicious team. cry We want to introduce delicious restaurants in Chiang Mai for everyone to know. Please leave your meat. You can comment.

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