Guy Fieri Eats Some "Really Righteous" Chicken and Dumplings (from #DDD) | Food Network

Not only are these chicken and dumplings scratch-made, but they’re also topped with the cutest mini biscuits!

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What do you think?


  1. No way in hell thats delicious. Nope, its just not. The chicken is roasted and deboned and the base of the dish is water. So where is the chicken flavor coming from? Chopped chicken? This is one of the episodes thats just filler.

  2. I have always said never ever Never Ever NEVER EVER PEEL A POTATO … I can now ad to that never ever PEEL a piece of chicken …. especially a thigh !!!!

  3. I would imagine it has a very clean chicken taste, but not a very strong taste. So it would be a nice thing to have every now and again to just relax and whatnot, but for anyone who likes more concentrated flavors it would taste bland. Very good for some, terrible for others.

  4. That's got to be one of the worst stews I've ever seen. Every step of the way he seems to use a method that offers the least amount of flavor. Should have seared the chicken with the chicken skin on, then cook the mirepoix in all that delicious chicken fat and fond THEN deglaze it with chickenstock and boil and roast the chicken off the rest of the way in the oven before adding tot he stock.
    That cook has zero cooking knowledge.