Gordon Ramsay’s Cheesy Springtime Pasta Dumplings (Gnudi)

You’ve heard of Gnocchi but it’s time to meet Gnudi! Light and pillowy and most importantly full of cheese! Gordon’s showing you how to get transported to Tuscany with this delicious dish!

Full recipe:

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  2. You know you watching Gordon a lot if u think this isn't the style of video of him cooking.

  3. I just found out that that vegan teacher called you the devil. That is not right

  4. Fantastic recipe. Really disappointing style/presentation of this video. I don’t prefer jumbled words and loud annoying music, what about technique, culture, context, and cooking?

  5. oh no, not the shitty song cooking videos with hands only, might as well reupload old stuff rather than this garbage

  6. Why are people acting like they are perplexed? He's giving us the ingredients and what to do!

  7. When I saw your program I feel so much Hungary. One day I am going to test your food,😍😍

  8. Oh if someone would isolate Gordon just saying "TOSS" for me I'd be the happiest boy in the world

  9. I think Gordon is fantastic, but I don’t like this format that is geared for mass production. 🙁

  10. Yeah na not digging this new concept G dawg. Your older vids were a lot better.

  11. – So Gordon… we need to record some words for YT recipes so just sit over there, make yourself comfortable and we'll get to it all one by one… start with whatever comes to your mind…
    – Fucking delicious…