[Gluttony]Super spicy raw octopus, Chinese food is unique! I can’t do it if I’m Japanese. . . ! Seafood Challenge, Part Let’s eat together. 097

Thanks for watching and supporting my channel, let SUBSCRIBE to see more new videos everyday on Satisfy Eating Sounds! Giant Huge Chinese seafood ?? Super huge seafood ?? I tried eating the most expensive seafood!!. Today’s video is ~~~! ! It was delicious, thank you for the meal! ********************* Gluttonous Nadeshiko, Big Mouth Monster The sea has a lot of seafood such as octopus, crab, and clams. Seafood is delicious. Let’s eat together. If you enjoy my Videos Please Subscribe my channel, Many thanks!!!. Beautiful fishermen eat and broadcast at the beach!爆头帮你炒海鲜吃播直播ต้ม กุ้ง กั้ง ปลาหมึก ปู กลางทะเล รับประทานอาหารกุ้งเม่นทะเลปลาหมึกยักษ์ กุ้งลายเสือ กุ้งล็อบสเตอร์ ผัดต้มแบบชาวประมงจีน EATINGSHOW Mukbang friedfood softshellcrab friedcrab crab seafood seafoodsandwich extremecrunch asmrfood asmreating asmrsounds eatingsounds asmrcontent asmrextreme asmrmukbang mukbang eatingshow letseat foodforasmr foodsounds chewingsounds Chinese Food Octopus

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  1. حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل
    ان شاءالله في الجحيم تحترق بنار جهنم مثل ماتحرقهم احياء

  2. At least kill them first man.. that’s insane.. eat all you can right from insect to elephant but at least let them die in peace first.. please it’s my humble request..

  3. ¿Acaso soy a la unica que le dio pena ver el primer video en donde el señor cocinaba vivos a los peces y maricos