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Dumpling Dough

Prep Time
1 hour


Total Time
1 hour

30-35 dumpling wrappers

2 ¼ cups flour
¾ cup warm water (between 110-120°F)
Pinch of salt (optional)

1. In a medium bowl, combine the flour and warm water until it becomes shaggy. With your hands, knead the shaggy dough inside the bowl until it comes together to form a ball. Cover the bowl with a damp towel and let rest for 15 minutes.
2. After resting, transfer the ball of dough onto a clean surface and knead firmly until it becomes smooth and elastic (about 2-4 minutes.) Cover with a damp cloth and rest again, for 30 minutes.
3. After the second rest, take your thumb and press firmly into the center of the dough ball. Using both hands, begin to squeeze and stretch the dough until you create a big donut shape with a large hole in the center.
4. Slice the “donut” into even pieces of desired size. Keep covered with a damp cloth, and when ready to use, roll pieces out individually into thin wrappers. (Optional: Trim wrappers using a large circle cookie cutter, for a clean edge.)
5. Fill the wrappers with desired filling, and fold to form designs of your liking! Cook, eat, and enjoy. .

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  1. Looks delicious
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  2. I want to make dumplings but which flour should I use? Wheat/ refined flour/ self raising flour?
    I don't think any kinda flour will have ability to hold ingredients in it.

  3. The 2nd 'dumpling' design, aka the 'Lotus', is a complete failure to understand the concept of what a dumpling is. One of the main reasons dumplings are shaped the way they are is to keep the delicious juices/flavor inside the dumpling. Also, the dough is too thick.

  4. The designs are quite pretty but I don't understand. Dumpling dough is soft after boiling, so wouldn't the flower designs end up all floppy and distorted? (The cabbage is really cute tho)

  5. Are these real or another one of So Yummy's tricks? Somehow I feel like they are actually using a non-edible dough to make it more pliable

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