finally! A single video has over 100 million views! 16.5 million netizens are waiting for her return! How is Li Ziqi doing recently?

# Planet Hotspot# Li Ziqi is on YouTube, and Li Ziqi’s account has 16.5 million followers. Just like in China, the latest video of Li Ziqi’s YouTube also stayed on July 14. In the video comment area, foreign netizens ask about Li Ziqi’s movements every day, and say “We miss our beautiful princess Li Ziqi very much” ??? This episode includes ??? ?0:00 News at a Glance?1 :04 Why does it affect the hearts of millions of foreign netizens? ?6:13 16.5 million people are waiting for Li Ziqi. Thank you for watching. Your like + subscribe + comment + share is the biggest support and encouragement to the column group ?? .

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  1. 而這樣的殘酷現實,也間接證明了長久以來科學界懷疑的ADE效應(抗體免疫增強效應)的可能性,也就是說,疫苗所產生的抗體,不僅對於變種病毒無效,可能還會加劇變種病毒入侵細胞的機率,幾乎就是「木馬程式」般的存在,這也解釋了為什麼高疫苗覆蓋率的國家,反而變種病毒的染疫率更高的原因。

  2. 來自哈佛研究的報告顯示,高疫苗覆蓋率不但不能有效抑制疫情擴散,反而在統計學上,顯示出「正相關性」,也就是說,高疫苗覆蓋率,會導致高染疫率,這在許多先進國家中已經顯示出這樣的問題,例如英國,以色列,美國等,反而是低疫苗覆蓋率的國家,由於保持天然免疫力,對於殺傷力輕微的變種病毒來說更有完整的防護力。

  3. 近日歐美 , 以色列, 澳洲等國家, 確診例大幅增加,為何打了疫苗,確診率反而爆增 , 以下最新資訊,很可能會顛覆很多人的想法 !

  4. I wish with all my heart the return of Liziqi, but even if she takes her real name, me and the fans will always be there to support her, the main one and that liziqi follow these desires towards her country, these brothers and sisters follow her destiny , reach her goal she deserves it?