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fatsongsong and thinermao new video | mukbang | asmr mukbang | chinese food | chinese cuisine. The Chinese delicacies in the video include: Spicy Money Belly, Spicy Snails, Spicy Chicken Chop, Chili Chicken, Spicy Chicken Head, Spicy Shredded Rabbit, Spicy Sheep Tail Oil, Chopped Pepper Fish Head, and Pepper Chicken. Friends are welcome to come to China to taste these delicacies.

Video Chapters:
0:00 Spicy Money Belly
0:50 Spicy snails
1:34 Spicy Chicken Chop
2:25 Chili Chicken
3:12 Spicy Chicken Head
4:06 Spicy Shredded Rabbit
4:57 Spicy Sheep Tail Oil
5:44 Fish head with chopped pepper
6:33 Pepper Chicken

Hi everyone, here is a interesting videos channel of Fat songsong and Thin ermao, two brothers who live in the country and love country food (especially spicy!). We want to share our lives and bring laughter to everyone.

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This is a channel (original by songsong and ermao) with interesting videos about country food, country cooking, spicy food challenges, country life, pranks and more.
Here you can learn more about rural stories, rural life, rural childhood memories, rural scenery, rural culture and other information.

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