Family’s Having A Great Time At Chinese Restaurant (Part 2)

#Family’sFirstVacation #FirstTimeInChineseRestaurant .

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  1. That's guy next girl no respect for evry one during dinner time he's still on his cell should keep cell wait went dinner done.

  2. Chinese restaurant don't know how to serve food .Should not serve the dessert .First Dinner salad then halo halo . Why serve desert Should Serve the main curse first then . I guess Chinese don't the pilipino traditional of eating.

  3. Nanay looks a little like mind blown with all the new experience. Looks like a fine meal. And you have given me a great ideas for my next visit with my GF's Family.

  4. Dewayne and Lovely Mae, I thank you for sharing your life with strangers. I will apologize for those that criticize you and do not let it get to you. I can not believe some of these comments for you to stop calling your husband this or that or what you should be doing or not. I enjoy following your adventures. I know it is not always easy to experience new things especially foods. It is good practise just in case you guys end up going state side and they come to visit all the experiences of new things will be easier if they are exposed now. And just like here in the U.S. kids on the phones at the table ha ha!

  5. I love your New family Dewayne they are very good people.
    Very nice video lovely Mae. Hope you and the family have a nice time and enjoy every minute you have together with family and each other ! God Bless you and this Happy Union God has joined together .
    I am so happy you both are having quality time together .

  6. I like that spinning table. If the person across from you has something good,,you can spin the table and steal it,,haha. I went to a restaurant a long time ago where the whole room spins and you see the city go in circles.Made me a little dizzy though,,haha

  7. Great to see everyone together having a nice meal . I’m sure you can take the leftovers home they will box it up . The restaurant just doesn’t do carry out orders like calling for a pizza and picking it up to go. Haha

  8. The meal's cost wasn't bad at all, besides, the family seemed to have enjoyed it and this time they've learned something new, the rotating table and papaya salad? Very popular in the northern Phils.

  9. Chinese people makes balot all their leftovers..wqlang masasayang even bones para sa mga aso nila

  10. Wow Mae if you didn’t take that food to your hotel then you did awful in wasting your money…there was quite a bit of it left, so many people go hungry and you paid good money for it…of course it’s just my opinion…never been to a restaurant that denied a paying customer to take home in my life except a buffet and even buffets you can pay a container of food to go. And yes I’ve paid over 10 thousand pesos for 2 people and still manage to take home the left over. Bakit ako nasayangan? Kasi ang daming gutom sa Pinas nga walang makain and if you didn’t take that food home, you were just wasteful…sobrang sakit 😭😭😭

  11. Wow! I am hungry just watching.

    I wonder why I have never seen your Aunt Marife go to places like where you're at.

  12. I like that your vlogging thanks Mae we get to experience it …maybe change your dear’s name to honey or love or mahal sometimes hehehe..

  13. Of course you can always bring your left overs with you. Unless of course you turn your nose up and that’s absolutely ridiculous that you can’t take it out after paying for it!!! I’m glad to know this restaurant doesn’t do take out because I will NEVER go to this restaurant if that’s the case…

  14. Thank you for sharing this vacation with your lovely family say hello to everyone in your family enjoy the rest of ya vacation and really love your journey with your husband and family nice to see everyone smiles on the faces ………..Thank you again for sharing ya video with ya family