[FACECAM] Chatting + Eating My Favorite Chinese Food

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  1. Hi Bedless! i have been asking for a long time! Can you please do a 69 block godbridge (with out jumping at 8 blocks)???

  2. Ok out of context, does anyone else feel tht he looks like the Thai actor Prem (he played in UMWA)

  3. looks like im the only onewho are singapore💦

  4. pro tip from a genuine chinese:
    when u eat hot pot take out the cooked food before u put in raw, it's a family rule the consists throughout asia. Becuase if you have raw food and take out cooked food it may have bacteria left over from the raw food and u don't wanna risk that…

    also I was the guy that called u fake asian when you were live XD 10:01

  5. BedlessNoob pls stop ur server staff and people to stop thinking i hack i drag clicking like a pro on ur mouse i customized it
    my in game name HerobrinePlays_1

  6. There will be blood! Shed! The man in the mirror nods his head the only one! Left! Will ride upon the dragons back because the mountains don't give back what they take

    – Jetstream sam

  7. iam 13 years old and and iam play on computer and with a Bloody a70 mouse and I also and drag click and I got 80 CPS…