(EP1) The life of blue grass? The life of blue calico? Or the life of Li Ziqi’s flower skirt? The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi?

EP2🎥 Please subscribe to 【李子柒Liziqi 】Liziqi Channel on YouTube if you like my videos: “Blue dye comes from the indigo plant but is even bluer .” Plant the indigo seeds and harvest twice a year, Squash the leaves in a tank of liquid, drain to extract the dye, hand print the cloth and make into clothes! Blue calico dying and batik printing are time-honored crafts handed down through generations. I wonder how many of you still remember them. “Blue is better than blue” From a single Polygonum indica seed to two harvests, beating indigo, lifting tanks, dyeing cloth, and making clothes! I don’t know how many people remember the craftsmanship of blue calico batik. #李子柒#李子柒Liziqi[李子柒Liziqi] liziqi李子柒More wonderful video recommendations: liziqi李子柒Selected videos/decent video selection: https:// Spring: Summer Summer: Autumn Autumn: Winter Winter: #LýTửThất #李子柒#liziqi.

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  1. Draga Liziqe, de pe alt continent Europa, tara Romania, iti trimit acest mesaj de admiratie. Ma uit la filmarile tale cand doresc sa ma relaxez. Viata la tara, peisajele, stilul de gatit, muncile colaterale, toate ma fascineaza. Imi pare rau ca nu inteleg ce vorbiti, dar ma multumesc cu limbajul imaginilor.vreau sa fim proetene, sa facem schimb de idei
    Iti doresc sa vad filmarile tale cat mai mult timp. Esti o multilaterala, de la care pot sa ma inspir. Te salut cu urarea romaneasca DOAMNE AJUTA !

  2. My wife is from Guangzhou China. So cute, lovely and super smart. I love china♡♡

  3. 山間蛇多,燒材的灰撒 四周,蛇怕灰或石灰也怕建材行有賣石灰蛇太多,我怕蛇!

  4. best wishes to you lizqi and china ,happy new year. 🙂
    the world only knows a little bit of chinas great culture. 🙂

  5. Li Ziqi! You are a PURE DIAMOND ! I am so happy I found your channel. Your Love and Understanding of Nature, your NUMEROUS Skills and TALENTS are INCREDIBLE! You are So Beautiful and TALENTED. Hard work brings wonderful fruits.


  6. How in the world is one – a Chef, a Gardener, a Seamstress, a Designer, an Editor, a Caretaker, a Carpenter?!! She is absolutely BEYOND BRILLIANT. I am in AWE by her and realize the way she lives is Exactly how we are ALL Suppose to.

  7. She is simply WONDERFUL!! She has been a great source of helping all of us recognize that we Belong to Nature and ONLY there (!!) can we find Peace and Happiness in life.

  8. Li Ziqi! I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED by you !! The way you take care of your grandmother brings tears to my eyes. Your skills are Fantastic! Your grandfather would be SO PROUD of you !!! You build things(!!) you make clothes, do tons of crafts! Your gardening and cooking skills are AMAZING ! You have such Divine Taste! Your VIDEOS are just Perfect. They bring Happiness! Thank you , darling ! God BLESS YOU in EVERYTHING you DO !!

  9. Hello to u Liziqi & ur Grandma I enjoy watching ur craft the music play is so soothing thxs a bunch.