We love what Goldthread stands for on Chinese Culture, and they even have a video on Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup! SO CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Today we’re gonna try and eat 300 Shrimp Wontons. Not exactly a mukbang, but it’s competitive eating challenge! WELCOME TO OUR EATING SHOW!

Also Wontons are not the same as soup dumplings, although they are similar! We first tried to make these shrimp wontons ourselves using a shrimp wonton recipe, and then we realized we should just go to a restaurant to eat them.

These are hong kong style wontons made with shrimp, and egg whites. They’re a type of Chinese Dumpling and each one is pretty filling, so let’s see how we do!

★ F O L L O W C A N T O M A N D O ?

?? S U B S C R I B E:

?M E R C H:

? P A T R E O N:

?I N S TA G R A M:

?F A C E B O O K:

? S K I T C H A N N E L:

? B I L I B I L I:

? W E I B O:

?P.O. B O X: (We Like Letters and Snacks)

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What do you think?


  1. I like mikes strat he eat 1 of the wontons then he drinks the soup to make the thiings digest

  2. you guys were on the Russian news about Chinese dumplings. This video was on the News.

  3. i ate 70 dumplings after a heavy goddamn meal
    AND WAS STILL HUNGRY…(btw even had desserts after that -,-)

  4. Sheldon: caressing Mike's back
    Mike: having gay panicked while eating wonton ?

  5. Georgian food called : ხინკალი. ( khinkali) . Usually real georgian man can eat more than 100 ?

  6. I feel like throwing up just watching them eat so many wontons. Ay ay ay poor children

  7. One thing I've noticed is that mike is always the one speaking and saying the best and savage things, Edward gets roasted by Mike half of the time and Sheldon just laughs, btw his laugh is nice idk lol

  8. We have kind of german dumplings as well. They're called Maultaschen. I love them ?