Easy Cooking: Pork Dumplings Made By Hanley and Toddler

Our video producer Hanley is pairing up with baby Isaac to cook a Chinese New Year specialty—dumplings. Dumplings are often eaten during this holiday as it represents good luck and wealth. Can our amateur chef Hanley live up to the challenge of cooking a new dish and having a new partner?

This is the first episode of our two-part Chinese New Year series. In the next episode, Hanley and Isaac will be making a sweet dish to round off their cooking extravaganza. Stay tuned.


0:48 Meet the chefs
1:26 The ingredients
2:04 Making the dough
3:10 Preparing the filling
5:34 Shaping the wrapper
8:48 Wrapping the dumplings
9:53 Boiling the dumplings
10:39 Final taste test

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Producer: Tiffany Ip
Videographers: Nicholas Ko & Mario Chui
Editor: Nicholas Ko
Mastering: Victor Peña
Music: Audio Network

#chinesenewyear #chinesefood #dumpling .

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  1. They are so cute together! I could listen to Hanley talk all day. I love the sound of his voice.

  2. Brilliant! It shows a very different side to Hanley which is nice. But Isaac is the absolute star here, sorry!