Dumplings made with lotus root are so delicious. They are more fragrant than pork stuffing. My family eats them every other time[Eat in the small kitchen]

Recently, the lotus root is on fire. Don’t stir-fry or cool it. Filling dumplings is crispy, tender and fragrant, nutritious and delicious. The lotus root dumplings are so delicious, even more fragrant than pork stuffing. My family eats every three to five[食在小厨]#莲藕# Dumplings# staple food to subscribe here👉 The ultimate cuisine, only the most industrious people are left with simple ingredients to make the taste of life, and the homemade delicacy soothes the hard work of life —– ————————————————– ——- Hello everyone, I am Huihui. I update different foods and delicious foods every day for the cutest and industrious of you~ I like the click to subscribe to Eat at Xiaochu, Xiaochu is waiting here Interact with you. .

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