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Do you know how to say “I make dumplings” in Chinese?
And if you are interested in learning Chinese and Chinese cooking together.
Welcome to book our new cooking concept via website:
At this moment, we offer online cooking class for this concept as well.
Let us enjoy cooking and learning Chinese together.

►I am Xinyu, founder of Zhucook, located in The Netherlands

I love cooking since I was young, now I am following my cooking passion and start my cooking career in the Netherlands. Zhucook was founded in July of 2019.

Zhucook is a conceptual cooking studio and it aims to provide individuals and companies with amazing authentic Chinese food and cultural experiences through various activities.

Cooking workshops, Chinese private dining service, team building activities, and inter-culture learning activities are provided at Zhucook. This includes online & physical venues. It’s a great place to discover Chinese food, meet new cooks, and create connections.

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