Dumplings are eaten lazily, don’t mix the noodles, roll the skins, and don’t need to wrap them. Learn how to make them, and you don’t eat enough

#赵灵儿美食#餃子 Practice#Lazy breakfast dumplings are eaten by lazy people, do not mix the noodles, do not roll the skin and do not need to pack, learn the special methods, every time you don’t eat enough, you can click to subscribe: 3cWQOck Hello everyone, welcome to Zhao Linger Food, your exclusive gourmet chef. Linger will share a dish every day here, not only home-cooked dishes, but also various pastries, soups, noodles and so on. And when the video is released, subtitles in different languages ​​(English, Indonesian, Korean, etc.) will be provided for everyone to watch and learn how to make food. Food may have different definitions for everyone, but for me it is a necessity in life: when happy, eat delicious food to celebrate; when sad, eat delicious food to comfort; when bored, eat delicious food for entertainment; angry At that time, eat delicious food to vent. If you don’t know what to eat every day, you can come here to watch my food video. There is always one you like to eat. You can also learn and try to make it. I hope everyone’s life will get better and better! Friends who like food can subscribe. Remember to click on the little bell🔔, Linger has the latest videos, and you will be notified! Welcome everyone to leave a message, I will take every comment seriously~[Pork, Pork Belly Series🥩][Breads, can be used for breakfast🥟][Vegetarianism者🥒][Pastry, sweets 🎂][Staple food 🍝][Homemade snacks series 🍟]https: //[Seafood category🦐][Chicken, Duck and Fish Meat Series🍖][Secret Soup 🥧]https://bit .ly/2Q9E8G0[Cold dishes series👻][Homemade sauces, super rice]

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