Dumpling Skin Knife Cutting Skill and Variety of Korean Mandu

00:00 Dumpling Skin Knife Cutting Skill
10:43 Dumpling Master’s Homemade Yaki Dumplings
19:30 Master of Shrimp Dumplings
23:33 Giant Dumplings Made by a Dumpling Master
30:52 Dumpling Hotpot and Noodle Cream Pasta
44:31 Homemade Steamed Dumplings and Fried Dumplings .

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  1. Aí qui delícia tô com água na boca 😋 amei essa comida queria tanto comer parabéns pra vcs muito bom 😋

  2. Me: what you do today?
    Them: made dumplings all day
    Me: watched video, now I want to eat dumplings all day 😋

  3. Wah semua butuh proses dan hasilnya bisa kita lihat dari segi pemotongan yang cukup rapi dengan cetakan tertentu

  4. Que bolinhos lindos ! deve ser muito gostosos , me deu vontade de saborea los , Uberlãndia brasil

  5. All I seen was dumpling skin cutting skills and 0 knife cutting skills. Very misleading title!! Now iv gotta find another video where they actually cut a knife… Smh what a waste!

  6. 韓国人って形だけ真似るよね。

  7. Wouldn't it be easier if they just manufacture a sharp stainless steel round knife to just cut according to the mold?

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