Dorothy eats dumplings with Chinese family in Shanghai

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When I was in Shanghai, China, I met a humble family that owned a tiny dumpling shop in the port area of Shanghai. Despite our language barrier, my culture shock, and our being total strangers, they invited me in for dumplings and we laughed and had a great time. They would not take my money even though, by our standards, they were poor. I will always remember their laughter, generosity and peaceful spirit. .

What do you think?


  1. This is beautiful. We are all connected, and the people in this video are realizing and experiencing oneness. _/I_ Peace.

  2. The only words I was able to catch were " MEAT" and "LEEK". The man was refering to the types of dumpling they have in the freezer. Pork and leek are typical ingredients people use to make dumplings in China. Nice video!