Don’t use flour for making dumplings. Let me teach you a new way. Beautiful and delicious transparent dumplings.

Hello everyone, this is the official YouTube channel of Northwest Xiaoqiang. I am Xiaoqiang. I will share here the simple life in the countryside of Northwest China and the farming practices of Chinese cuisine. Everyone is welcome to subscribe to my official YouTube channel, and I will try my best to update it daily. I hope everyone likes my video, and you are welcome to like, share and comment. Thank you all for your support! .

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  1. 我老家浙江的,我们那叫山粉饺,用的番薯粉一般会掺点芋头进去和面,比土豆粉颜色深一点.不过一般会做成三角形或者馍馍那样,很少做成饺子这么小的.国外没番薯粉用土豆粉做过,感觉太粘了点

  2. Please how to make sauce red …the ingredients and process in english…thanks …gretings from Ecuador 🙂

  3. 好棒喔👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😃農村就是好,每天可以食家常飯,城市人大多都點外賣