Don’t make dumplings with leeks, plus three tomatoes, it’s nutritious and appetizing. It’s better than dumplings on the table[Lijuan Cuisine]

Hello everyone, I’m Lijuan. Today I will share with you a new way to eat spinach, and make it delicious and crispy! Ingredients: 3 tomatoes, leeks, 3 eggs, edible oil, edible salt, oil consumption, sesame oil, pepper powder Dough: 300g of flour, 150g of flour, edible oil, leek, don’t make dumplings, plus 3 tomatoes, nutrition Delicious and appetizing, it’s more fragrant than dumplings on the table[Lijuan Delicacy Kee]# Leejue Boiler# Leech Eating Method# Nutrient Breakfast# Lijuan Delicacy Kee Hello everyone, I’m Lijuan, I love cooking and enjoy it. ❤. I will share a home-cooked dish for everyone here every day, and I will always find your favorite one~ 🍜Super delicious pasta: 🥟 Delicious cake: https:/ / 🥩Favorite meat: 🐷 Delicious pork tutorial: Nothing can stop the food The pursuit of a beautiful day starts with cooking, sharing the joy of life, and a happy attitude to life~ The chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea of ​​a plain life, and discover your favorite way of life! If you like, remember to click to subscribe, and don’t miss every selected ingredient! 😁

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  1. 看妳在捏麵糰 就是舒服😌 餡料中可以加剪碎的冬粉 口感也超好吃的😋 好聽話的麵糰