Don’t make dumplings with chives and eggs. Don’t fry or steam or cook. Just 1 bowl of flour will make it crispy and fragrant[Apang pasta]

Hello, everyone, I’m Fatty. Today I will share with you a delicious method of leeks, which are fragrant, crispy and crispy, fragrant and delicious! Ingredients: 400g all-purpose flour, 200g warm water, leeks, edible oil, leeks and eggs. Don’t make dumplings anymore, do not fry, steam or cook, just 1 bowl of flour, crispy and fragrant[Apang pasta]# shallots. A Pang Noodles subscribe to me~👉 A home-cooked delicacy a day, recording a good life. A Pang will share some home-cooked delicacies with you here in the future. People who love food love life more. I hope everyone can live a happy, simple and adequate life every day! .

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