Do you dare to eat this ice cream? What does it contain? More Chinese foods are scaring the world

Ice cream not melting under heat goes against human experience. The public has therefore asked a series of questions such as: How come it doesn’t melt under heat? What is added to it? Is it safe to consume? Overseas consumers who want to experiment with the ice cream mentioned earlier can buy it on Taobao, a Chinese shopping site.
China ranks first in the production of xanthan gum globally. You may not have heard of it, but you and your family have probably had it, as they are prevalent in a wide range of imported Chinese foods. It is also used extensively in industries such as paints, fire extinguishers, toothpaste, cosmetics, ceramics, paper, printing and dyeing, and petroleum.
It is a sticky agent similar to the carrageenan used in the non-meltable ice cream mentioned at the beginning. When a little is added to fruit juice and milk, it turns them into jam and yogurt.

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  2. To be fair, if the isolation and purification of a substance like gelatin is thorough enough, it might not matter what the origin is, even if it’s leather. There’s a good chance that some of the water that we drink used to be part of the urine of another person or animal, but as long as you separate the water from everything else in urine, the water is fine to drink after it is further processed with something like minerals for tonicity (note ultra pure water is actually kind of dangerous to drink, since it can more readily cause a condition called hyponatremia).

  3. I sure hope everybody’s catching on the China does not tell other countries that there’s a problem with their food products the other countries are the ones telling China that they have a problem.

  4. That’s so funny China is experimenting on their own people with What I should say is edible chemicals.
    Not food!

  5. there's a reason there was an old saying "me chinese,me play joke, me put pee pee in your coke." we'd be lucky to have them just put peepee in things. these scumbags use sewer oil.

  6. The Chinese are always doing the wrong thing !! What's up with this? Most would never dream up to fake food,that's just crazy and lack of sence !! But if the CCP can't fake it they won't make it!! I just advise them to keep it up it'll just always come back and slap them in the face. They keep repeating the same behavior and most know what that kind of behavior defines!! CRAZY!!!

  7. Every time I verse a Chinese player in a video game, they either are hacking or playing very dirty. Mostly hacking about 90% of the time. Even in video games these people resort to the lowest form.

  8. China and the CCP needs to allow this otherwise their "amazing growth and wealth" will be exposed as fake and unsustainable. Once they start clamping down on this, all their companies will be exposed as using trash or chemicals just to be able to feed the billions of Chinese.

    Have we ever wondered why they could do it all while no other countries could do it? It's not because they're amazing or figured out some secret. It's simply because they're selling recycled crap to their own people.

  9. Why is it feels like anything they do is something vicious , awful and so so wrong, i don't get it. Why would you do such things? Why would you claiming foreign's teritorial, poisoning people, killing animals in brutal ways? Why is that you doing always goes south CHINA!

  10. Im chinese and used to live in china when i was little many people have to be cautious about what they eat because food companies put unsanitary stuff in the food and its nice to see these stuff getting exposed

  11. All of these recalls around the world would be unnecessary if people would stop buying all of this rubbish made in China.

  12. Who'd think that greedy people from fucking commie land would dodge every regulation. No idea how that happened.

  13. In other news, life expectancy in China has surpassed that in the US now? Is there a US Insights channel that explains why?

  14. When u think about it, it makes sense lol. You just have to refrigerate before consumption. Probably future space food. That is… if they are able to make it 100% safe to eat. ? ? haha!

  15. Well THAT took a hard turn… I was like, "What's the big deal, all OUR retail ice cream has seaweed extract and other stabilizers in it"… Yeah, not THAT much. Jesus, that's basically a seaweed extract bar flavored with dairy and sugar.

  16. If they try to kill us with our food here in the US, then all of this is normal and I expected nothing less

  17. I shop at this asian grocery store they have all Chinese products banned, they sell products from South Korea, Taiwan & Japan and I feel safe eating from those countries not china

  18. Chinese obviously understood "recycling" wrong. Look for a video about "Sewer Oil" and contain your stomach contents!

  19. What would you expect from a greedy authoritarian country like that. It's a disgusting culture that spreads its greed everywhere. Who doesn't know this? Prolific like rodents

  20. If this is how advanced their icecream is… just imagine how advanced their tank armor must be!
    How will we ever defeat this third-world shithole?