DIY Cantonese Roasted Duck Recipe, CiCi Li – Asian Home Cooking Recipes

Cantonese Roasted Duck is known for its juicy and succulent meat, golden red and crispy skin. It’s a must-eat dish during any family gathering.



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  1. I tried this last month, my family loved it so much that I'm doing it again for CNY. Thanks so much! ??

  2. I am trying your recipe for roasting tomorrow. The duck is now in the fridge and will have 24 hours of drying. Mine didn't look deflated as yours though. So wish me luck.

  3. You can use the manual air blower for balloons you can basically find it at a party apparels shop …it works for me.

  4. Excellent recipe. My wife is from the Guangdong province (first generation America) but doesn't cook. She hates cooking , so I've had to learn. This is a very authentic recipe from what she tells me. Doesn't matter…it tastes great!

  5. Hi, i dont have rose vinegar and maltose. Can i substitute it with white vinegar and honey with red food coloring? I hope you answer me. Thanks in advance