Discuss the phenomenon of Li Ziqi’s popularity from a cultural perspective.Don’t let"Cyclone Li Ziqi"Disappeared since then) Li Ziqi Phenomenon-Don’t let "In Ziqi Whirlwind" disappear forever-CC

Please watch: “These three words are too unlucky! Dilraba also said to Yang Yang. These three words are too unlucky! Why do so many people often talk about it? CC” watch?v=GYxlhzs7Fmk –~– Discuss the phenomenon of Li Ziqi’s popularity from a cultural perspective. Don’t let the “李子柒旋风” disappear from here) Li Ziqi Phenomenon-Don’t let “Li Ziqi Whirlwind” disappear forever-CC Thảo luận về hiện tượng nổi tiếng củố naġ ġ tốố naĻố lġ tốố lġ tốố naġ tốố na Ļố tốố l mận “biến mất (phụ đề tiếng Việt) 문화적 관점 에서 Li Ziqi 의인 기현상 을 논의 하십시오. 이제 부터” 매화 사이클론 “이사라 지지 않게 해주세요 (베트남 자막) plums qi more to stop the fast for three months, is said to be the occurrence and In copyright-related disputes, some people even infer that Li Ziqi may have been sold and he is still holding money. Li Ziqi’s most recent video is “Seven Things to Open” uploaded on July 14 this year. We sincerely hope that this “Chinese cultural ambassador” can resolve this equity dispute as soon as possible with the intervention of the relevant authorities, and reappear on the new media stage, and don’t let this beautiful “Li Ziqi Whirlwind” disappear from now on! Presented to you today is an article discussing the phenomenon of Li Ziqi’s popularity from a cultural perspective, “The Li Ziqi Phenomenon”, published on October 20, 2019 in the Singapore United Evening News. If you like our program, please like, subscribe, and leave a message. The phenomenon of Li Ziqi Watching the video of Li Ziqi’s ancient beauty filming, I think of Thoreau, the American poet and philosopher. In the countryside with undulating mountains and misty seas of clouds, a girl with long hair and a Chinese costume wears a long hair. She pulls oxen to plow the fields, grow rice and vegetables, and cook delicious delicacies with the harvest of her own cultivation; go up the mountain and chop bamboo to make a chair. ; It took two years to make pen, ink, paper and inkstone with ancient methods; cook a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner for the Spring Festival and write couplets in the spring; picking bamboo-leaved dumplings on the Dragon Boat Festival… The highly regarded Green Bible was filmed and edited by herself, The simple life, traditional customs, along with the seasons, poetically presented the four seasons of the pastoral scenery before the audience, which immediately caused a sensation. As of August 2019, there were more than 60 million fans on the entire network and more than 6 million overseas fans. Video With a total of more than 8 billion broadcasts, he has become a phenomenon-level internet celebrity. (As of July this year, Li Ziqi has 27.6 million followers on Sina Weibo, 16.1 million followers on YouTube, and more than 100 million subscriptions on the entire network, which has doubled in the past two years!) Li Ziqi, a native of Mianyang, Sichuan, 90 After DJ, in order to take care of the elderly grandma, he returned to his hometown and produced short films in ancient style since 2016. The following year he became the first Chinese Internet celebrity and attracted countless imitators. It is precisely: “There is a beautiful woman in the peerless era, who lives in the empty valley.” But this beautiful woman is not the chaotic person in Du Fu’s poems, nor is she Tao Yuanming, who was born in a chaotic time and returned to her pastoral. At the moment of making money, why can a back-to-basics life attract thousands of hearts? 147 years ago, on July 4, 1845, the 69th anniversary of the United States’ Independence Day, 28-year-old Henry David Thoreau came to Lake Walton near Concord alone, living alone for more than two years. He walked into the forest with an axe, built a small wooden house, farmed and fed, and lived a primitive and poetic life with the sun and the moon and the breeze. The nature in Thoreau’s eyes is beautiful, and Lake Walteng is the eyes of the earth. Through these eyes, Thoreau sees the natural landscape full of aura. He wrote the full record of life on the lakeside and his perception of nature. In 1854, he published the book “Walden” (also translated as “Walden Lake”). One hundred years later, Americans have become more and more appreciative of this book, and their fascination with him has increased day by day. In 1985, “American Heritage” selected “ten books that make up American character”, “Lakeside Sanji” ranked first, Thoreau was named the “green saint” who enlightened Americans to perceive the earth, and “Lakeside Sanji” It is the “green bible” of modern society, and Thoreau has become an icon of American culture. After the independence of the United States, the country expanded its territory and its economy was prosperous. Faced with a world full of material desires but impoverished in spirit, Thoreau proposed his own unique ideal of life, returning to the basics and uniting nature and man. His thoughts have influenced people from generation to generation, and in the English-speaking world, he has followed in large numbers. In China, there was a Chinese translation of “Walton” as early as 1949, but it was not until the 1990s that this book began to be popular in China, and there were more than 40 translations in the market. I don’t know if Li Ziqi has ever read “Hubin Sanji”, or if he knows Thoreau, but one thing is for sure. Only in a society with highly developed material civilization can Thoreau’s spiritual world have a market. Only today in the 21st century, it is conquering people’s hearts with sound and light images. The Czarist Empire became a small knot “Everyone is the master of his own domain. Compared with this domain, the Czar’s empire has become a small country, a small knot in the ice and snow.” Thoreau said in the concluding remarks of the book. Everyone has a secret garden in his heart, but not everyone has the conditions to lay down the prosperity and return to the countryside. So in China, under the craze that people “quit their jobs and go to Tibet” and “escape from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou” and other people eager to get rid of the pressure of life, “You live The heartfelt voice of “the life we ​​want” created Li Ziqi. 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