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***We are a hybrid ASMR + Mukbang channel. We are not solely one or the other. We’re just here having some fun Daddy + Son time and want to share with you guys*** .

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  1. I love this channel so much but my Misophonia is triggered by all the slurping. I remove my earbud when I know its coming不

  2. me and my boyfriend always watch you and mikey chen no one else love your videos and you guyss

  3. I love Dim Sum, used to go with coworkers for brunch. Love just being able to see and ask for what you want from the cart.

  4. I love classic pork gyoza! There is this little bar in Azabu Juban, Tokyo that has the absolute best gyoza. I dream about it, and cant wait to go back 中

  5. You guys kill it all the time. My twins would like to ask Jordan if he wants anymore sisters or a brother? Jordans favorite drink and his favorite fruit. thanks for another great video

  6. Omg the piggie buns!!!!! Its so hard for me to eat cute foods hehe!!! Xiao long baos are my absolute favorite!!!! What a cute little video as usual!!!! Too bad you couldnt get shu mai, classic!!! You are always such a sweet and loving dad, I always love the way you talk to Jordan! Adorable! Ive never tried mapo tofu baos, so cool!!! Sounds great! You peach milk tea sounds amazing yum! Hope the whole family has a beautiful and delicious day!!!

  7. Every time I watch these videos I get hungry…. Why do you do this to me crunch dad and Jordan