Delicious Cambodian Hot Pot (Yao Han) in less than 10 minutes

Delicious Cambodian Hot Pot (Yao Han) in less than 10 minutes

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Hello everyone!!! My name is Jannie and I am a self-taught cook. I’ve mostly learned from watching my mother and grandmother in the kitchen while growing up. I never knew that my passion for food and cooking ran so deep until I auditioned and competed on season 9 of MasterChef. It was from the show that the nickname, “Vegas Vixen”, was born. My friends have joked around calling me the “Vegas Vixen in The Kitchen” and the nickname stuck. I hope you like my take on well-known recipes as well as the ones I’ve created myself.

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ingredients and measurement list:


48oz Chicken Broth

1 Jar of Fermented Bean Curd

1/2 Small Jar of Hot and Spicy Bull Head BBQ Sauce

1/2 Small Jar of BBQ Sauce

2 Tablespoons Spicy Pot Sauce

1 can Coconut Soda

1 can of pineapple chunks in juice without juice

To your liking:

Rice Noodles




Quail eggs



Baby bokchoy .

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  1. Thank you Bong. I'm 28. From Boston, ma. Just started cooking more Khmer food past three years. Making this the first time tonight. I'm confident because of what I learned in Khmer cooking the past three years. But your video helped alot to make it easier. Thank you for bringing Khmer food to a bigger audience. You make us proud ?

  2. When you took the meat cleaver and struck the coconut from 4 different angles, you reminded me of my mom.

  3. Hi! New subscriber here. Any chance you can show us the label of the ingredients? Or name the brand you like? I have a hard time looking for them without a pic ? thanks for these awesome videos. Can't wait to try them. Love that I can make real Cambodian at home now

  4. Stuffed from dinner, but watching this video makes me wanna make hot pot soon!! ? Awesome video btw.

  5. Yes finally found a recipe that seems the most similar to my fathers. I just couldn’t find any other Cambodian that uses beer but when you explained that coco rico can be substituted with beer, it makes sense to me now thank you!!

  6. Apparently, the Hotpot broth is not as HOTT as you. But still YUM, Good Job! Anytime you need a volunteer, I'm there!!