Delicious but dumplings, A Qiang cooks 2 catties of dumplings to relieve gluttony, one bite is really enjoyable![Cram Aqiang]

As the saying goes, it’s good, it’s comfortable but it’s upside down, it’s not delicious but dumplings. A Qiang made two catties of dumplings to relieve his hunger, adjust a dipping sauce, and one bite is too enjoyable~ #cram阿强#餃子#烂醬菜阿强の餅Series A Qiang’s Supper Series A Qiang’s Takeaway Series // 阿强の大肉系列 Seafood series playlist?list=PLa_3zPv0Dls_UMpGpA72W3WzyDOrEK2RL Ah Qiang’s breakfast series Ah Qiang’s breakfast series Qiang’s Exploring Shop Series I am A Qiang, a rice butcher, noodle killer, and uncle farmer’s good helper. I am grateful, thank every friend who pays attention to and watched me, I am honored to accompany you through a certain period of life, if there are shortcomings, hope to point out, I will work hard, come on. If you like me, just subscribe![Https://].

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  1. 速冻饺子没意思,明显是应付着拍一集,自己包的饺子才是走心的视频。

  2. Eating food not drinking pepsi why you make that noise off eating food that's a sound from soda hard liquor not food weird