crispy pan fried dumplings

If you love dumplings, then here’s a recipe that you should try out! these dumplings are made from very basic ingredients and seasonings, and they are really not difficult to fry.

Here’s another dumpling recipe we tried some time ago:

So we really hope you give this a try, and let us know how it went in the comment, whether you went creative with your own version of fillings or sauce, or maybe you tried a different way of cooking it!

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  1. 2:064:00 Hi Krystal…your dumpling folding technique is simplified & much better than alot. Thanks for sharing your tasty Dumplings. All the Best in your new channel 😄😉😄

  2. I bought the frozen dumplings from Ba Feng Uen Ji and prepared fry-steamed them like you showed, they turned out great! Thanks! Happy Lunar New Year!

  3. One of my favorite side dishes. The crispy bottom and the soft chewy top make such a great contrast in texture. Plus it's a dish that's sort of hard to go wrong in terms of flavors. As long as it's something you like, chances are it will work well in a dumpling. We even make a desert dumpling with a chocolate and marshmallow filling; along with a cream cheese, honey, and brown sugar dipping sauce.

  4. this is the first recipe besides mine where you steam them before frying them which is much better for the dumplings to stay crispy, I use chicken stock which I find gives them as richer flavour

  5. Make sure you guys buy a thermometer to test the temp of the dumpling. Since this has poultry in it, the core temp should be 165F to kill all of the bacteria.

  6. just made a fried bolognia sandwhich. I hope one day im skilled enough to make these…. they look oh so good, and ive never had them since im American. Oh well a boi can dream.

  7. I try make it minced meat with veg.its ok…only i quite slow making it…its very challeging homemade dumpling❤

  8. How to avoid the oil splashing up and everywhere when pouring in the water? Might I be doing something wrong?