Crispy Clay Pot Rice: Hong Kong’s Ultimate Comfort Food

Clay pot rice is a classic Cantonese dish often enjoyed in the winter. The name refers to the way it’s cooked—with rice, meat, and vegetables all heated inside a clay pot.

We went to Hing Kee, a restaurant in Hong Kong that’s been serving hearty bowls of clay pot rice since the 1980s, to see how it’s made.

0:53 What is clay pot rice?
1:13 How it’s made
2:25 What makes a perfect clay pot rice?
2:55 The history of clay pot rice
4:25 Making clay pot rice hip for the younger generation

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Fixer: Nicholas Ko
Producers: Xin Fang and Tiffany Ip
Videographers: Nicholas Ko and Joel Roche
Editor and Narration: Nicholas Ko
Animation: Stella Yoo
Mastering: Joel Roche and Victor Peña

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Music: Audio Network .

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  1. It's not just in southern China, it's whole south east asia! This dish is one of my favorite!

  2. 2 things I learned on earth… American food is the best… And asian food is by far the nastiest🤢

  3. she looks soo sweet!! honestly im more interested in her life story more than the dish itself!!

  4. You can’t eat raw eggs in america because of poor hygiene standards, but i heard raw eggs are ok in some countries because they have strict regulations

  5. I love her charisma and friendly face. Bless her business will do well. Her clay pot rice actually looks so good

  6. Tried this a couple of times when I was in HK but I never ate the bottom part my local mate really hate me for it lol never like crispy rice but it was really good

  7. Came for clay pot rice, stayed for the restaurant owner calm voice and smiling face. She should make a podcast. Her voice is so calm and comforting 😊

  8. this is our golden thread!!! hong kong! i have the hong kong flag on my main window so everyone knowwwws, my love haha ^_^ this is so fun, yukhei bb

  9. Sooooooo surprised no Americans talking about raw eggs and salmonella.
    What a relief!!!! 😊