Crispy Chilli Beef | DUMPLING SISTERS

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This one is so loved the world over that it needs no introduction…and it’s easy peasy to make at home!

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  1. This is by far the best recipe on the net , we make this often and it has become a family favorite , Thanks .

  2. Cheers girls massive winner in our house, made this soooo many times now and I have added a twist …I serve your crispy beef with another youtubers rice recipy… Latif Inspired 'Pilau Rice my way'. We love the combination of flavours

  3. chinese say to use black vinegar and ketchup along with sugar and a few other bits!!! yours looks more refreshing so going to give it go.

  4. can you please tell me how much is lemon juice in tbsp or ml or OZ as we have very small lemon here..i want to try your recipe today, my strips are ready..Please help

  5. I tried this recipe, but the sauce never seemed to thicken up in the saucepan.
    It was okay – I saved the dish by using bottled sweet chilli sauce, and it was still lovely.
    One thing I did do differntly though – I soaked the beef strips in salted water to remove the redness before cooking.

  6. I have only just watched the dumpling sisters today, I think they are tremendous. Such lovely recipes. Going to buy all the stuff this week and have a go at making the lovely recipes.

  7. I was not judging until saw u holding rice 🍚 bowl 🤣🤣. Asian will never forget those rice 🤣🤣

  8. Looks Delicious!! What egg noodle dish can I make as a side to complete this meal for dinner?

  9. Wow! This has always been a favourite of mine from my local takeaway. I never knew it was so easy to make at home – I will be trying this tonight