Cooking Coconut Snake eating so delicious – Cook Snake,Ell domestic local Food Recipe in Rain Season

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All Ingredient in my Food
– Fresh Chili
– Sugar
– Seasoning
– Salt
– Gallic
– Kaffir lime (Scientific Name: Citrus hystrix )
– galanga (Scientific Name: Alpinia galanga )
– lemon grass (Scientific Name: Cymbopogon citratus )

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  1. This made me drool. Gonna catch some snake later from the wild. Tonight's dinner gonna be snake curry. ?

  2. ياالهي كم اكره صوت الاكل انه ضجيج مزعج وصوت الطبخ كذالك واكل الزواحف والحشرات مقزز اشعر بوخز في بطني

  3. ابشع ما يمكن ان اراه هوى اكل الزواحف والحشرات والكلاب يالهي لك الحمد على نعمة دين لاسلام

  4. I mean he cooks good but how would eat snakes yes he is in the wild but that is nasty???
    but what i could say he is making food in the wild for a living .
    Not bad man just the thought of knowing it is snake is nasty but good work.??