Congee hotpot?! Now I’ve really seen it all….

Continuing on with my Shunde food adventure! This time I’m joined by Ivy and Peter, two locals that take me for some SERIOUSLY good food

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What do you think?


  1. I'm from Singapore, where both Cantonese and Teochew style congees are popular, and honestly they kind of have their own niches. Cantonese congee is always cooked WITH stuff, so there's meatballs, century eggs or whatever in them. Whereas Teochew 'muay' is always served by itself, and eaten with a whole array of salted vegetables, braised pork trotters and the like.

  2. As a congee lover myself, i gotta say, the grains must be blow out into a flower! That way the congee texture is like cotton (as my mum says) which is best 😀

  3. hotpot can not really represent chief's skills, you need to try some food need more time and efforts to prepared, need more cooking techniques.

  4. Guangdong is where my parents are from! I haven't been back in a long time but I truly miss the fresh morning congee and rice rolls, along with the seafood and roadstall eats

  5. Next time try putting some lard oil into the pot of rice, and smell it. You'll have a new feeling.
    The British and the Americans seldom eat beef stomach, and you, Amy, dare to try.

  6. Amy’s hair looks like she’s from the 80’s…I can’t take eyes off her.

    The southern Chinese food are way better than the northern one…

    or we’re just accustomed to canton style Chinese restaurant in our country.

  7. I love cantonese food too, thanks for sharing the congee hotpot first time hearing about it! I want to give it a try at home!

  8. Ever wondered why so many Chinese had cancer? Yap, these tasty Chinese sausages! They put so much nitrite in the sausages so the meat look appealing. This same nitrite gives you CANCER!

  9. Absolutely, congee is when the original ingredients turn into another substance is a gruel. Unbroken grains in soup is a rice soup mate ?

  10. I have family members from HK and shi qiao in guangzhou! And the congee they like are very thick and of course the rice like what Peter said! Kai hua. However, I personally prefers teochew (also a region in guangzhou) style porride which is like rice and water! That's because I prefer it to be more on the watery side!

  11. Ivy is such a friendly and whimsical lady and her fashion sense is chef's kiss perfect! Where did she get her hair done!

  12. Amy, do you really have an issue wearing a mask also along with other people in the video? There are many covid cases in Shenzhen, Zhuhai and Zhongshan and you are still walking around without a mask. Are you trying to be the 1st Australian in China to show everyone not to wear a mask and set an example.